Month: May 2017

Juan’s Flying Burrito

2018 Magazine St.

Happy Hour: M – F 4:00 – 7:00, all day Sunday -$3.50 Margaritas.

We hit this joint to celebrate, and to help wash off a rough day. Actually, we don’t  need a reason to go to Juan’s. The namesake burrito is the best ten bucks one can spend in the Lower Garden District. Half price Margaritas and one dollar PBRs make it that much easier. With few exceptions, service is usually outstanding. We’ve mentioned Sigourney multiple times. The local service industry could use more like her.




497 days later…

So it’s been quite some time since we’ve posted on the blog itself. At some point, we decided to focus our efforts more on social media – quick posts on Facebook, and now Instagram. When we first started the blog, we intended to write long, elaborate posts detailing the subtleties and minutiae of each establishment, accompanied by numerous photos.  At some indeterminate point, we realized that the more practical approach was to post more frequently with less extrapolation.

Having passed out countless business cards in the interim, we realized the the blog itself had not been updated since the waning days of 2015. Discussing this matter over a few beers, we realized that there is a middle ground between the short-attention span posts to social media, and the elaborate posts of the blog.

From this point forward, we will update the blog when we post on social media, only with a sense of brevity, while maintaining the integrity of our original mission statement.

Cheers, y’all.