Swing and a miss…


We try not to bash a place on our first visit, but two sips in with three strikes against you isn’t a good sign. It smells- like old stale smoke. Garbage and crackers on the floor (and we have yet to see or smell food). We asked about the happy hour- $2 domestic, $4 import, $4 house wine. The bartender does not elaborate, so we help ourselves to a beer list and order a lagunitas and fat tire. $8. We mention that we thought we ordered domestic…nope! That’s import! (Imported from Colorado and California…) several establishments in our fine city consider domestic craft beers… well… domestic. Otherwise they say, imports and craft… so our change is dropped off, barkeep is thanked and says nothing. Lovely. It stinks in here. Leaving before I get a headache… or worse, my hair starts to smell…

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